Product Trading

General Trading

With Global business Network and Professionalism, specially general trading business in Cutting tools, Engineering, Machining and Services. It is to be our main core business. We proudly present totally solution of customer demand on technical Engineering Product. A trusted accompanied with professional principals manufacturers we support the most customer need. To keep the continually supply we would be prompt delivery, stock availability, professional expertise to provide technical assistance and extensive after-sales services should serve as a guarantee to our commitment.

Cutting Tools

With our long Experiences in Cutting tools and application in metalworking and woodworking, we proudly present to supply the cutting tools with many kind application. We are able to supply tools material HSS, Carbide, Coated Carbide , Cermets, Ceramic, PCD, CBN, Mono Diamonds and Natural Diamond. In many kindly range application, we not only supply the appropriate Cutting Tools , we also suggesting and technical assistances to the customer to get the proportional cutting tools application. And also we a prompt delivery, stock availability, professional expertise to provide technical assistance and extensive after-sales services should serve as a guarantee to our commitment.

  • Taegu Tec

    TaeguTec, a world leading cutting tool manufacturer has attained its market position from introducing pioneering technologies and extensive research and development to ensure it is the benchmark in its industry sector. As a market leader, TaeguTec continually faces inevitable challenges. After all, TaeguTec cherishes its reputation and strives to maintain the position that the staff has worked tirelessly to achieve. Whether it’s cutting tools or industrial products and tungsten powders, the key to our success has been investment in R&D and high technology production. With expertise in the automotive, wind power, aerospace, mold & die and shipbuilding industries to name a few; TaeguTec serves an ever evolving global market place. We serve in wide range of Cutting tools application such :Turning, Threading, Clamping, Holemaking, Indexable Milling, Solid Tool Milling, Tooling System, and industrial product & Wear part application.

  • Guhring

    Guhring is a world-class manufacturer of round shank cutting tools for the metalworking industry; also a provider of top-quality coating, reconditioning and tool management services. Cutting Tool for drilling, thread cutting, milling, reaming and counter sinking. System equipment for the machining of components is very complex. Equipment for a wide range of applications. Coatings for the machining process on the particular material. Regrinding and recoating process by the manufacturer with precise geometry and coating.

  • Standard Tools

    We able to supply in general standard cutting tools, in many kind application such, conventional, Manual, and CNC machining application. Solid tools, Brazed tools, Coated tools, until special cutting tools. In general application for cost improvement we proudly present indexable cutting tools which using coated insert, uncoated insert and PCD-CBN insert.

  • Conventional Tools

    In Heavy duty application, workshop, repairing jobs and conventional work, we also able to support by offering conventional tools, such hand tap, hand reamer, thread dies, and hand countersink. We able to supply in many kind range type application and workpiece application.


  • Special Tools

    Some application not able to use standard of cutting tools due to difference application or difficult application of workpiece. In this case we able to supply in many kind of special cutting tools depend on customer request and with minimum quantity. In this case we will quote by drawing and specific application. We will keep studying and proposing the detail specific application, workpiece material and machining condition. In Technically we will continues control and improvement to get the best condition of application with best technical support application.

  • Tooling System Good result of cutting tools become from good machine, tooling system, cutting tools and application it self. So we proudly present the appropriate tooling system to support the cutting and machine. We have many kind range of application, for conventional, NC type and also CNC application. For the standard until high precision of tooling system for many range of machine.

PCD/CBN – Hard Material Tools

In application of hard material and non ferrous with good finishing which need the appropriate cutting tools, we proudly present Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) and Cubic Boron Nitride ( CBN) and also Mono Diamond (Synthetic Diamond) and also Natural Diamond.This cutting tool need the high accuracy and good machine and supporting machine. This application also for cutting the precision part, high speed machining and good surface result of workpiece.

Industrial Product and CARBIDE ROLLS

The product of Industrial Products consist :

  1. Carbide Rolls
    • Grade
    • Composite Roll
    • Torque Roll
    • Cantilever Roll
    • Section Roll
    • Block Roll
    • Tri Roll
    • Tubing Roll
    • QuadSlit Roll
  2. Carbide Rods
  3. Carbide Wear Parts
    • Grade
    • Slitting Knives
    • Can Tooling
    • Plate
    • Preform
    • Flow control products for oil & gas industry
  4. Ceramic Wear Parts
    • Grade
    • Features by Product
  5. Die & Anvils
    • Ultrahigh Pressure Tooling
  6. Tungsten Powders
    • Tungsten Powders
    • Tungsten Metal Powder (W)
    • Tungsten Carbide Powder (WC)

Grinding Wheels


Slitting Saw , SAW Blade

The product range consists of:

  • CUT OFF high speed steel blades from Dmo5 , HSS Co5%, HM
  • TiN, TiCN, TiAlN surface modification of HSS circular saws, repairing and grinding
  • Rotary knives for cutting rubber, leather, paper, isolation materials and plastics, cutting thin walled tubes, hoses, but also non-ferrous metals and steel
  • TCT circular saws and cermet tipped saws
  • Cermet tipped saws “Throw away”
  • Hot and friction saw blades for metal cutting
  • Circular saws (machines)

Gear Hobing , Broaching Tools

 The product range consist of :

  • Gear Hobs : Involute Gear Hobs,Spline Hobs, Sprocket Hobs, Worm Wheel Hobs, Timing Pulley Hobs, Serration Hobs
  • GearMilling Cutters : Involute GEar Cutter, Side/FAce Cutters, Convex Cutters, Concave Cutters, Single and Double Angle Cutters, Bevel Cutter and Baldes.
  • Involute Gear Cutters
  • Bevel Blades/Cutters : Spiral Bevel Blades & Cutters, Stright Bevel Blades & Cutters
  • Gear Shaving cutters
  • Gear Shaper Cutters : Disk Type Gear Shaper Cutter, Shank Type Gear Shaper Cutter, Deep Counterbore Type Gear Shaper Cutter
  • Special Gear Cutter : Rack Chamfering & Deburing Cutter
  • Slitting Saw : HSS Circular Saws- Straight / curved Tooth,HSS Metal Slitting Saw – Stranggered Tooth/Chip Cleareance
  • Broaches : Spline round broaches, Keyway surface broaches
  • Theading Tools : Thread Taps,Ground Thread hand & Machine Taps, HSS hand and machine spiral Flute taps, HSS Ground thread small nut taps

Gear Part

 We prodly present offer the largest selection of standardized metric gears. Our gears are produced to the ISO / JIS gear standard. We can also manufacture Custom Gears per your specifications. A large selection of Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Racks and Pinions, Bevel Gears, Miter Gears, Worm Gears, Internal Gears, and Screw Gears. For instance, if you are in need of a Spur Gear you can select its:

  • module
  • number of teeth
  • material used
  • precision grade
  • heat treatmen
  • tooth surface finish ( ground, cut, injection molded, etc.)

Measurement and Instrument

We proudly present the Measure Tools of : Digital Caliper, Three Point Digital Caliper, Five Point Digital Caliper, Inside Groove Caliper Single Point Digital Caliper, Dial Caliper, Vernier Caliper, Depth Gages, Height Gages, Scale Units, Micrometers, Indicators,Test Indicators.

Power Tools

 Cordless, Drilling / Fastening, Impact Drilling / Demolition, Cutting (New Material / Masonry), Cutting (Metal),Grinding / Sanding,Sawing,Planing / Routering, Pneumatic Tools,Outdoor Power Equipment,Dust Extraction,Others.

Hand Tools

 Above Ground Lifts,Abrasive Blast Systems, Air Compressors / Air Processing Equipment, Air Conditioning,Aviation, Awls Hooks And Picks, Battery Charging And Testing, Bit Sockets,Body,Brake,Bushing / Seal, Cooling System, Creepers / Covers, Cutting, Cylinder, Diesel, Drive Line, Electrical / Electronic Service,Engine Service, Exhaust, Extensions, Extractors, Files, Fluid Maintenance, Fuel And Engine Systems, General Service Sets, Hammers, Hand Held Diagnostics,Headlamp, Heavy Duty Truck Tools And Equipment, High Performance / Spline, Lifting, Lighting, Lubrication, Measuring, Mirrors / Pick Up Tools, Motorcycle Service Tools And Equipment,Nut Splitters And Cable Cutters, O.E.M. Set Building, Paint Spray, Parts Washers, Piston, Pliers, Power Tool Accessories, Air, Power Tools, Cordless, Power Tools, Electric, Presses, Pressure Washers, Prybars, Pullers, Punches / Chisels, Ratchet And Socket Accessories ,Ratchets, Safety Equipment, Scrapers / Putty Knives, Screwdrivers, Set Building, Shop Fans / Vacuums, Shop Supplies, Sockets (1/2″ Drive), Sockets (1/4″ Drive), Sockets (3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2-1/2″ Drive), Sockets (3/8″ Drive), Spark Plug, Testing And Electronics, Thread Restoring,Threading, Tire And Wheel, Tool Storage / Classic Series, Tool Storage Series, Tool Storage / Heritage Series, Tool Storage / Master Series, Tool Storage / Mobile Solutions, Tool Storage / Special Editions, Tool Storage Accessories, Torque, Tubing, Valve, Vises / C-Clamps / Work Benches,Welding,Wheel / Axle Pullers,Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing / Tire Changers, Wrenches.

Electric Tools

 Power Distribution:Domestic Cable Reels,Cable Reels, Power Distributors, Extension Cables, Plugs & sockets, Lighting, Lightning & Surge Protection, Home Security & Safety, Home, Workshop & DIY, Trestles & Ladders, Advertising Media & Displays, Solar technology, Multi-way Extensions, Plug-in Appliances.

Seal-ring and Gasket

We able to supply general and costumized of Any Seal (profile) and gasket/packing In any Material { Rubber Elastomer (NBR, H-NBR, FPM/FKM/VITON, EPDM, MVQ/Silicone Rubber), Polyurethanes (PU, H-PU, G-PU, T-PU,S-PU, X- PU), and Thermoplastic (PA, POM/TAL, PTFE, PAEK) }. In any application in industry (Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel, Heavy Equipment, Mining, Food & Pharmaceutical, Moulding, Automotive Industry, etc.) In any size and Just in time.Manufacture and Recondition Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinder, and Valve by Econosto.
We are also have a ready stock material/product from:

  •  NOK
  • CR Chicago Rawhide

Conveyor Belt

Our conveyor belts are manufactured in several standard sizes and grades as well as per customer specification with the maximum width up to 2.4 meter, and the tichness from 6 mm until 25mm. There are various grades of conveyor belts such as:

  • General grade
  • Abrasion resistant grade
  • Oil resistant grade
  • Heat resistant grade
  • Flame resistant grade
  • Chemical resistant grade
  • Acid-base resistant grade
  • Food grade, etc.

Apart from conveyor belts, the company also has other products as the followings:

  • Steel Cord Conveyor Belt
  • Elevator Belt
  • Flat Transmission Belt
  • Super Flex Transmission Belt
  • Cleat and Sidewall Belt
  • Rough Top Conveyor Belt
  • Tumble Blast Belt
  • Rubber Skirt
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Rubber Bearing
  • Hot Splicing Kit
  • Rice Hulling Roll
  • Rubber Break Block.

With the aim to assure the quality of our products and customer satisfaction as well as the concern of the environment conservation, we have implemented the quality management system and the environmental management system.

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