Tool Regrinding

To improve the total cost performance we proudly present : Tools regrinding,  used cutting tools such HSS , Brazed Carbide , uncoated carbide, coated carbide and PCD tools in many case able to regrinding.
Our advantage of regrinding are :

  1. Factory-direct Quality, Performance and Reliability
  2. Advantage tool point geometry and using High Tech Machine Tools
  3. ALL kind of tools BRAND and tools type are available
  4. Daily pick up and Delivery Services

Coating Services

To improve the total cost performance we proudly present : Re-coating Services, used cutting tools , mould and Dies, precission Part able to increase the performance by coating. We provides PVD Coating service, a new way to lowering operation cost and improving productivity at the same time. The technology certifies excellent coating quality for your application which comprises of Precision Component, Metal Cutting, Stamping / Forming, Plastic Processing, Pressure Die Casting.
Our advantage of re-coating are :

  1. New coating development Technology
  2. Many kind of coating are available
  3. Very thin layer = 5 micron, Harder than High Speed Steel, Chemically inert
  4. Higher temperature resistance, Higher oxidation resitance
  5. Protection against abrasive and adhesive wear, Reduce friction, Increase tool’s life-time


Machine Re-trofiting

Re-trofiting a PC-NC System applying a speed intelligence algorithm with high-speed and high precision to satisfy both improvement of the transfer precision and reduction of processing time. Also, it is applicable to any machines such milling machines, semiconductor equipment and display equipment.

  • CNC’s Concept Revolution
  • Maximum Capability at Minimum Price
  • High-Tech PC-NC


We proudly present HX-Series with features :

  • Possible to develop application S/W for users through open architecture realization
  • Supported Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Feed-forward/High Speed and precision function through Intelligent Look Ahead
  • Precision-correction function through Backlash, friction, and pitch error compensation
  • Transfer route monitoring function through graphics
  • Multiple-Axes Servo Synchronization Control (gantry type, Twin Table Control)
  • Internal PLC
  • Supports a variety of motion program formats (G-code, DWG, DXF)
  • Minimum setting unit ( 0.001mm, 0.001deg, 0.0001 inch)
  • Touch Screen Application Available
  • Loaded OPC ( OLE for Process Control ) Server
  • Possible to command maximum 12 ciphers(+_99,999,999.999 mm)
  • Momentary power Outages detection function and Watch-Dog Function ( Depended on models )
  • Encoder Disconnection Check ( depended on models )

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